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121 South Broad Street - 9th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107


Point of Contact:
Patricia A. Coulter, President
P: 215-985-3220
F: 215-985-3227
E: info@urbanleaguephila.org

The Urban League is the nation's oldest and largest community-based movement dedicated to enabling African Americans to enter the economic mainstream. In Philadelphia, our vision is that through its business and community leadership, the Urban League of Philadelphia will be known as a premier organization dedicated to enabling African Americans, and other people of color, to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power and civil rights.
Many of our current programs are under review; however, the following represents how the Urban League of Philadelphia has provided leadership on social and economic issues:

The Urban League Leadership Institute:
Established in 1988, it is believed to be Philadelphia's first leadership development program designed to identify and train minority leaders and establish a forum for promoting effective leadership in all sectors of society. Over 500 participants have completed the program since inception and many are well-known leaders in the Philadelphia community in both corporate and nonprofit arenas.

Participants must successfully manage the Project Team Process, a key component of the Leadership Institute. The class of 2002 developed a research paper for the ULP entitled Diversity and Parity in the Corporate Community that can assist the agency in establishing strategies to confront significant barriers to African American economic development.

Youth Development: Scholarship Programs
The Whitney M. Young Jr. Scholarship for $500 given each year to two youths who demonstrate sound academic achievement, excellent character, and proven leadership ability, with a documented commitment to community service, and who have been accepted to an accredited college or university.

The Dr. Bernard C. Watson Scholarship for $10,000 given to two or more students who graduate Philadelphia public schools and are accepted to an accredited four-year college or university. Participation in extracurricular activities, a cumulative GPA of "B" or better, and a need for financial assistance must be documented.

The National Urban League/CNCB Scholars Award annually funded by NUL to affiliates across the country that compete on behalf of community youth. Last year, Philadelphia's Cameron Bardliving received a 4-year, $10,000 scholarship.

The Learning Center at Strawberry Mansion:
This program aims to provide children with a safe haven after school that is focused on enriching and exposing them to the arts and business entrepreneurship activities that motivate and inspire for future success.

Read and Rise:
This partnership with Scholastic, Inc. and the National Urban League advances the focus on early literacy. The ULP is collaborating with the American Academy of Pediatrics, (PA Chapter) to promote early childhood literacy among low to moderate-income minority families in Philadelphia. The guide will be available to all Philadelphia pediatricians whose clients include minority and disadvantaged families.

ChildCare Information Services:
This department provides information and materials to assist working parents in finding, selecting, and paying for childcare. In its 10th year administering the subsidized child care program, over $8 million in childcare payments were made on behalf of over 2300 families, making childcare affordable for low-income working families.

Seniors in Community Services:
A project of the National Urban League, this program assists persons age 55 and over with re-entry into the workforce. Aiding the most economically disadvantaged population, SCSP partners work with 33 community-based organizations citywide to provide stimulating training experiences to individuals at or below Federal poverty guidelines. Currently funded to work with 86 participants.
Work Opportunities Program: The ULP is a subcontractor to KRA Corporation on this DPW grant to provide job development and placement services to participants of the Philadelphia Workforce Development Corp Welfare to Work program.

This department assists renters, homeowners, and homebuyers with pre-purchase counseling, fair housing rights, real estate, lending practices, money management and budgeting, credit repair and selection of a broker. Escrow counseling is available for clients living in substandard housing with licensing and inspection violations. Housing counseling focuses on consumer debt mortgages, forbearance and abatement agreements, and advocacy on behalf of low-income families and referrals to government programs. Post purchase counseling enables homeowners to take advantage of opportunities to renovate or make necessary repairs by facilitating the application for low-interest home improvement loans. Borrowers are educated about the dangers of predatory lending practices and provided with guidelines for finding the best credit terms and lenders.


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