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Universal Companies
800 S. 15th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146

Point of Contact:

P: 215-732-6518
F: 215-732-6519

Services Offered

• Financial Services

• Loan Packaging

• Technical Assistance

• Business Development and Educational Workshops

• Office and Cubicle Space Rentals and Virtual Office Program

About the Company

Universal Business Support Center (UBSC) offers a comprehensive array of business development services to any start-up/existing business. The program presents and promotes the type of services designed to empower the entrepreneur and build capacity for their business. This enables businesses to improve their overall operation and receptiveness by lending institutions. Such businesses usually employ one to five employees but have not been organized themselves to maintain appropriate records, qualify for financing or conduct strategic planning. They are perfect candidates to locate in an office or cubicle and receive assistance at UBSC. The UBSC facility includes affordable office & cubicle spaces for 7 to 10 businesses in an incubator format. Each space is equipped with a desk, two (2) chairs, computer with a private e-mail address and telephone with voice mail and unlimited local calling. Each tenant is connected to our high-speed Internet provider, has access to an executive conference room and administrative support plus all the core services of the UBSC.

For more information on the services and programs offered by the Universal Business Support Center and Universal Companies, please visit our website:

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