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Graham Building
30 S 15th St
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Point of Contact:
Evelyn Smalls, CEO
P: 215-231-3670
F: 215-231-3672
E: esmalls@unitedbankofphiladelphia.com

- Offers commercial and retail banking products

- United Bank of Philadelphia is a full service commercial banking institution, which began operations in 1992. As a minority owned and operated financial institution, United Bank is proud to be an integral member of each of the Philadelphia neighborhoods that it serves. For more than ten years, United's mission has been to grant access to capital where previously the opportunity did not exist. Looking forward into the new millennium, United Bank is now offering investment management options through its newly created Wealth Management Division in addition to its various commercial and consumer loan products. Finally, we now look forward to a strong and continuing relationship with the Minority Business Development Center and its Strategic Partners.


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