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900 N Broad Street     
(Broad & Poplar)
Suite 400
Philadelphia, PA 19130

Point of Contact:
Eric X. Marshall, Loan Officer
Margaret A. Cobb, Executive Director
P: 215-232-0516
F: 215-232-0519
E: info@npfp.org

Services Offered

• Financial Services: small business loans

About the Company

The North Philadelphia Financial Partnership (NPFP) is a community-based non-profit corporation designed to facilitate economic empowerment, self-sufficiency and increase employment opportunities primarily within North Central Philadelphia Empowerment Zone. The partnership focuses its energies and resources on entrepreneurs who are doing business in the zone or willing to relocate within the zone.

NPFP accomplishes its goals by providing access to capital, technical support and financial services. NPFP is an innovative response to capital flight and credit deprivation of a low-income community that has been historically under served by traditional financial institutions. We are committed to making the critically needed investments that will help new and established businesses thrive and put residents to work.

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