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Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania
4800 South Broad Street, Suite 200

Philadelphia Navy Yard

Philadelphia, PA 19112

Point of Contact:
Terry Hicks
P: (215) 972-6700
E: terry@sep.benfranklin.org

Services Offered

- Financing for early stage technology companies

- Technical assistance: coaching/consulting to funding clients

- Assistance with product development and commercialization

About the Company

An independent not-for-profit economic development organization, Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania (BFTP/SEP) was established in 1982 to stimulate economic growth through innovation, entrepreneurship and the development and adoption of new technologies. BFTP/SEP, part of a statewide network supported by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, provides capital and expertise in technology, finance and business to help entrepreneurs and established businesses overcome challenges and plan for growth. Through our network of resources, the organization fosters dynamic relationships among companies, institutional and private investors, research institutions and the university community.

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