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Board Members:
Rafiq Diya Al-Fareed
Benjamin F. Gilbert
Roman McDonald
Jacqueline Jenkins
John Milligan. CPA
James A. Roundtree, Jr.
Bernard Siegel
William A. Smith
Olivia H. Stoner, Esq.
Alan L. Wilson

Board Chairman, CEO and Founder:

John Milligan, CPA

Executive Director:
Allison Barksdale

The Greater Philadelphia Minority Business Strategic Alliance (GPMBSA) is a 501 c (3) non-profit entity consisting of a network of public and private sector organizations (strategic partners) located within the Metropolitan Philadelphia area. All of the strategic partners are independent operators, and the GPMBSA is not liable for any of the information, products or services that the partners provide. The organization was founded in December 2001.

How The Alliance Works
Specifically, the GPMBSA conducts quarterly business meetings with representatives of the strategic partners to share information on their respective programs, exchange ideas and network. The alliance includes both non-profit and for-profit partners. The primary partners will include the City of Philadelphia Minority Business Enterprise Council; the SBA’s Small Business Development Centers; the City of Philadelphia Empowerment Zones; the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation, the Philadelphia City-wide Development Corporation; local banks and various other economic development organizations.

In addition, the organization maintains this website that serves as a centralized site for minority-owned businesses to identify agencies that provide assistance and resources to minority-owned businesses in the Philadelphia region. This website provides a brief description of the services offered by each strategic partner with a link to each partner’s web page. The site will also have bulletin boards that will list various business opportunities and current events of interest to the minority business community. This website will serve as a "one-stop" site for Philadelphia area minority owned-businesses.

The organization will also monitor regional, economic trends and developments to assess the potential impact on disadvantaged businesses and will disseminate this information via e-mail, web-site notices, bulletin boards or newsletters.

The partners will utilize their respective specialty, whether it is funding, procurement, construction, transportation or technical assistance to address the needs of the minority business community. The organization will conduct its business out of the offices located on the 1st Floor at 105 North 22nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103. We anticipate that the formation of this new organization will result in many minority business success stories that are the direct result of strategic partners collaborating to assist disadvantaged businesses.

We Invite You to Join Us
The Greater Philadelphia Minority Business Strategic Alliance invites your participation and support in the form of grants, "in-kind" services and sponsorships. Please contact our Executive Director, Marjorie Anderson at (215) 399-0062 for additional information.
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